Soil Diva Microbial-Stimulant


All-Natural Biological Soil & Plant Stimulant. For a great deal, check out our discounted combo packs for two 32oz Soil Diva Concentrate, or one 32oz concentrate plus one 32 ready-to-spray and save 10%!

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3 reviews for Soil Diva Microbial-Stimulant

  1. Todd Rose – Billings MT

    I use a 3 gallon sprayer it covers my entire yard. I have done 3 treatments over the past 3 weeks- before i started I had 20+ necrotic rings I am down to zero. I cut back watering, mow 24 hours after I water keep my grass at 3 to 31/2 inches and use your product. that combo has halted the ring. I also sprayed my plants and trees and saw results–big time has sped up their development it took to mid June last year.

  2. John Hofer – Broadview MT

    I sell produce at the Billings, MT. farmers’ market. Since I have been using Soil Diva, my sales have consistently gone up. My repeat customers tell me that my vegetables just taste better than the other vendors’ produce. I also noticed that many vegetables, especially my beans and cucumbers, stayed in the productive stage much longer. This of course has increased my yield, but best of all, it lengthened my picking seasons.

  3. Virginia Henry – Gilette WY

    My flower garden is always beautiful when I use Soil Diva, but my roses are absolutely outstanding!

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