Reclaim by Soil Diva Gallery

Do You Have Residual Herbicide Problems?

Reclaim by Soil Diva can help with residual herbicide problems in compost, soil, drift and grass clippings.

<strong>2 4D Drift<strong><br><strong>4262016<strong>
<strong>2 4D Drift<strong><br>S<strong>econd Reclaim application 532016<strong>
<strong>2 4D Drift<strong><br>T<strong>hird Reclaim application 5162016<strong>
<strong>7252016<strong><br>H<strong>erbicide leaked from sprayer tank onto concrete driveway and into tree root zone<strong>
<strong>4202017<br>After monthly Reclaim applications throughout the growing season trimmed back that season<strong>

<strong>June 28<br>White eggplant bad compost<strong>
<strong>July 10<br>White eggplant after weekly Reclaim applications<strong>
<strong>Picture and words from a happy Reclaim by Soil Diva customer<strong>
<strong>Husky herbicide was applied the previous year lentils seeded and now some are sick<strong>
<strong>Lentils one week after diagnosis of Husky herbicide residual and one Reclaim application<strong>