Reclaim by Soil Diva Gallery

Do You Have Residual Herbicide Problems?

Reclaim by Soil Diva can help with residual herbicide problems in compost, soil, drift and grass clippings.

2-4D Drift

2-4D Drift
Second Reclaim application 5/3/2016

2-4D Drift
Third Reclaim application 5/16/2016

Herbicide leaked from sprayer tank onto concrete driveway and into tree root zone.

After monthly Reclaim applications throughout the growing season, trimmed back that season.

June 28
White eggplant, bad compost.

July 10
White eggplant, after weekly Reclaim applications.

Picture and words from a happy Reclaim by Soil Diva customer.

Husky herbicide was applied the previous year, lentils seeded and now some are sick.

Lentils one week after diagnosis of Husky herbicide residual, and one Reclaim application.